Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lai Foong Beef Noodle @ Cheras, KL




Lai Foong Restaurant has 54 years histories since 1956. The HQ is one of the stall in Lai Foong Restaurant situated in Jalan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur, which I have been visited many times since few years ago. Recently, Lai Foong has another branch at Taman Taynton View in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

I like its beef noodles very much, especially it’s soup, as it is tasty with original taste and concentrated. It has mixture of more than ten kinds of medicine herbs, plus its secret recipe, and boiled with the ox bone, make it irresistible and must try, especially those who like to eat beef.



This Cheras branch is very clean, tidy and the restaurant gain grade A from the DBKL for its cleanliness.



Lean Meat with Beef Ball Meehon – RM 5.00


Lean Meat Ball and Beef Ball Lai Fun, served in soup – RM 5.00



Lean Meat and Beef Ball Lai Fun, served in dry  -- RM 5.20

The meat is a bit raw and soft, beef ball is springy and it has original beef flavour. This is my favourite, where I prefer to serve in Meehon.



Leaf Tripe and Beef Ball Lai Fun in Soup – RM 5.00

The leaf tripe was in slices, but had cut it too thin, so didn’t really know how the taste the leaf tripe was.



Fried Keow Teow – RM 4.00

Tasty, even if you just smell, is already irresistible to try it.


X.O. Teh, which also known as three layers teh, as you can see there were three different colours that form into three layers.

There are variety of choices of beef part: Beef ball, lean meat, tripe, beef lam, beef tendon, leaf tripe and mix. Additional on these, some parts from the beef that we normally never try before: Beef tongue, beef intestine, and bull penis. Even noodles, there are 4 types to be choose: Lai Fun, Keow Teow, Mee, and Meehon. You may choose to served in soup, dry, with rice, or without noodles.

Based on my experiences on the HQ and Cheras branch, there seems a bit different in the taste of soup, where the HQ restaurant’s beef soup is thicker in flavour and colours, which I prefer more. However, Lai Foong beef noodle is still one of the best beef noodle that I have ever try.


HQ Restaurant:

Lai Foong Restaurant

138 Jalan Tun HS Lee, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 6.30 am – 4.30 pm


Lai Foong Beef Noodle Shop Cheras

8 Jalan Nadchatiram, Taman Taynton View,

Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Off Day: Every Tuesday except public holiday (business as usual)


rating 4-4-3-3-4

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